We are plant people. Plants are amazing, right? And spaces with lots of plants feel so inviting and cozy and inspiring. Houseplants also unlock a healthy relationship with nature and the earth. That’s a big reason why we want to help you with your houseplants.

At Moss you’ll find a mini jungle of tropical houseplants, succulents, cacti and airplants, and a curated selection of stylish pots and plant decor for the modern home and office. Choose a pot and plant at Moss and we can pot it up for you. Ready-made planters and terrariums are always on display for a quick one-of-kind gift, or a custom planter can be created with plants that speak to you. And between the plants, our shelves are lined with unique gifts, artisan made candles, stationery and jewelry.


Come talk plants. Or take part in a planting bar experience (most Saturdays 11-2pm), or talk to us about hosting your own planting workshop with friends.

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Iowa City, IA
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