Kerns Homegrown

Kerns Homegrown

In 1999, Blake Kerns, then a high school sophomore, rented 2 acres of abandoned crop land, borrowed a planter, and seeded sweet corn. Fifteen years later, now with a wife and two kids, he’s still planting, picking, and delivering fresh picked homegrown produce throughout the region.

Kerns Homegrown has 2 stands open every day from July through September. One, located in his hometown of Oelwein next to Subway, has been in operation for 15 years. The other, located in Prairie Du Chien next to Quality Beverage, has been open since 2013. Unlike most stands throughout the region, EVERY SINGLE EAR SOLD IS PICKED THAT DAY, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, giving it unmatched freshness and flavor.

In addition, Kerns Homegrown retails produce in many grocery outlets, including most Hy-Vee and Fareways in Eastern Iowa. Look for the label!

1308 2nd St SE
Oelwein, IA 50662, IA 50662
Phone Number:
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