Nomadic Roots Urban Farm

Nomadic Roots Urban Farm

Nomadic Roots Urban Farm strives to be known for its high quality produce, fruits, and other “homemade” items, and to promote fresh food availability, production, as well as economic growth and development through Urban Farming to the Peoria Area. With fresh food security in question, we know the importance for Peoria, and other cities across the nation, to grow more food locally and then provide it to the community.

Farmers markets, restaurants, food banks, soup kitchens and a food truck operated by, Nomadic Roots Urban Farm, will be some outlets for the Urban Farm. The land most desirable for this location for both, location and ideal grounds, at 5363 and 5401 N. Big Hollow Rd. will be maintained as a family residence while being transformed into an example of agricultural and economic growth and development in urban farming combining old and new methods of food production.

Nomadic Roots Urban Farm aims to provide steady job creation and training to more and more people as we develop a stronger bond with the community and grow as a business. Our operation will always look out for the publics’ health, be a voice for, and protect our environment, and enrich the lives of the people who become concerned with our mission. Nomadic Roots Urban Farm will always take a community viewpoint with what we do. It will be our mission to initiate change in the areas of food availability, production, security and safety by involving the community and putting them first. A major part of our mission will be to educate through classes, workshops, and community events throughout the community, allowing for others in the city to set up gardens, greenhouses, and hydro-aquaculture in the inner city, with the help of my partner who is soon graduating with an agriculture degree at one of the best and oldest agriculture schools in Slovakia.

Our intent is to be a stimulant for new ways of thinking and innovative methods of economics development through the Urban Agribusiness. We will prove to provide exceptional programs and be a resource for others interested in making urban farming their way of life. We believe that Urban Agriculture is essentially going to become the key to a sustainable future for humankind, and Nomadic Roots Urban Farm will do its part to make sure Peoria, IL and the surrounding areas stays at the forefront of the market and technologies, bringing a new industry to the city.

5401 N Big Hollow Rd.
Peoria, IL 61615
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