Frank’s Chicago Style Dogs, Beefs, & Burgers!

Frank’s Chicago Style Dogs, Beefs, & Burgers!

Motorcycling runs deep in Frank’s tradition, from the track to the 1000’s of miles of open roads with no destination. Many of my motorcycle travels brought me through the City of Lake Geneva. This was the perfect location to meet before a long day of riding. Looking for something quick to eat in September 2011, I noticed that the City lacking a traditional hot dog/hamburger stand, something quick that wasn’t a common sandwich… Thus the seed was planted.

I knew I liked eating at Chicago area establishments like Gene & Judes, Superdawg, etc… but could I actually create a similar place? Years of pondering *if* I should even open, and after a close friend and mentor passed, the trigger was finally pulled in 2017. The decision was made to put the locals first (a change from just serving tourists) by creating Downtown Lake Geneva’s first authentic Chicago Dog/Hamburger Stand. We are the best deal in Downtown Lake Geneva, and while we gladly serve all who ‘VISIT LAKE GENEVA’, we clearly put our LOCAL RESIDENTS first.

The reception from the local residents has been overwhelming! I am very grateful that everyday we’ve had the door unlocked, customers have shown up! Negative 50 Degree Windchill? Customers! 105 Degrees? Customers! Rain Sideways? CUSTOMERS! Two Feet of Snow? CUSTOMERS!!!! We’re open year-round, about 361 Days a Year!

We are happy to be a part of this great community and to have started in Lake Geneva. We have plans to expand (#GreatWesternExpansion, watch out IN-N-OUT), but our heart and gratitude will always be with our locals we serve.

I want to personally thank each and every customer for their visit. Without you, there is no Frank’s. You have my unwavering gratitude.

Thank You,

Nicolas Frank Carone
Founder and President
Frank’s Original LLC

272 Broad Street, Lake Geneva, WI 53147
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