Southwest Wisconsin

Phillips Heritage Homestead

I am Jenna Phillips. I live in Lancaster WI with my husband, my two children, and my two dogs. I am passionate about learning and producing foods that are healthy for my family. I enjoy participating...

Kings Hill Farm

King’s Hill Farm has been certified organic for 20 years and remains so today.  We believe in transparency in regards to food production and welcome your questions and visits to our farm.  Dirk and Kj...

Popcorn Kernel

Featuring All your favorite flavors like cheddar, caramel, and other savory flavors. Also featuring candies by JAS, bulk and novelty candies.

McComish Family Farms

Our dream for the future of our farm is to create a product from our milk. We researched and taste tested to find a product that would fit us and our ideals. Then we found gelato! It’s like ice cream...

Vesperman Farms

Welcome to VESPERMAN FARMS! Here at the farm, there is something for everyone. And we celebrate every moment.

City Girl Farming

Justyna Miranda is the owner and operator of City Girl Farming (CFG), an organic farm located on Sinsinawa Mound Collaborative Farm with a mission of reconnecting food and people. Originally from Pola...

Peddle Hollow Apiary

We are third generation beekeepers beginning our adventure in beekeeping. Follow along as we generate some buzz!

Sandhill Farm

Sandhill Farm is a diversified vegetable farm operated by Andie Donnan and Ashley Neises. Our 1 acre certified organic farm rests in Sinsinawa, WI as part of the Sinsinawa Mound Collaborative Farm. We...