Millwork Bakery

Millwork Bakery
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Millwork Bakery

Artisan breads, European pastries, gourmet pies, cookies doughnuts and cakes.

Georgia Mihalakis began her life journey in Dubuque, Iowa, one of nine children born to Louie and Margaret Mihalakis … and has always said that her baking philosophy comes from her mother, Margaret.
Georgia: “The food my mother made us as children was simple, good, varied, and delicious. And there was an emphasis on fresh. The saying …
‘Food is medicine, and medicine is food’
… was the rule in our house. We take our cue from the family table and believe that the more the true flavor of the food dominates, the healthier that food will be. This is nothing new, there is no fancy marketing – it is simply a mother-oriented approach to good food and good health.”
This baking philosophy truly inspired Georgia’s life work: After some foundational training in the art of bread and pastry baking, this creative innovator has crafted an impressive array of breads, cookies, pastries, cheesecakes, quiches, and more.
From our family table to yours: Bon Appétit!

Phone Number: (563) 564-2066
Address: 848 White St, Dubuque, IA 52001


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