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BetterVet South Florida, Mobile Vet Care

BetterVet South Florida, Mobile Vet Care

Your pet might be suffering from allergies, just like you. Allergies are a common problem in dogs and cats, but they can be challenging to diagnose, especially when the symptoms are vague or inconsistent. If you're worried that your pet might suffer from allergies, make an appointment with Your BetterVet to check them out! At our clinic, we'll ask about your pet's medical history, including recent diet changes and any other events that may have occurred around the time their symptoms started. We'll also thoroughly examine their skin and ears to rule out other potential causes of their symptoms. If needed, our veterinarians in Miami may recommend allergy testing, such as skin scraping or blood work, to determine if there's a connection between your pet's condition and an outside substance that could be causing it. If so, BetterVet South Florida, Mobile Vet Care can provide relief by recommending medication changes or supplements to address your pet's needs. If you think your dog or cat might have allergies or just want to ensure they're healthy, we're here for you!

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